The Haiti Earthquake in 2010

Haiti Earthquake in 2010

Scientists are still unable to predict when and where an earthquake will happen despite all of the technological advances and scientific research. It is for this reason that major earthquakes cause devastating destruction to property and cause large death tolls. Scientists are unable to warn the public when an earthquake is possible catching many by surprise and even more unprepared. 

January 12, 2010 was a devastating time for the very small country of Haiti, as they suffered an 7M earthquake. This was the biggest Haiti earthquake in almost 200 hundred years, thus causing more death and destruction for this already struggling country. In fact the Haiti earthquake caused an estimated death toll of 316,000 people. Sill 300,000 more were injured and 1.3 million people were without a home or a place to stay. These devastating numbers caused the Haiti earthquake to be declared the earthquake with the largest death toll in 2010.

The Haiti earthquake did not just affect Haiti, although most of the damage was there. The earthquake also caused a Tsunami that was seen and felt in the Dominican Republic. Less people were reportedly killed by the Tsunami, which differs from the Japan earthquake in 2011. The earthquake in Japan caused a lot of damage and death, but it was the Tsunami that came after the earthquake that did most of the damage.

The large number of casualties and the astronomical cost of property damage was sad news for the already poor country of Haiti. Those that lost their home or place to live were facing the sad reality they would never be able to rebuild due to the economic situation of the country. The president of Haiti even cried for help stating that the most important building had collapsed and he was unable to help his people put back the pieces. It was for this reason that many countries and people band together to try and raise money to help the survivors.

The efforts to raise money was great, but the people that volunteered to go to Haiti to help put the country back together were most were appreciated. Many doctors and nurses made the trek to help build temporary hospitals and administer medical attention to all of the injured people. Even celebrities made the journey to do their part and to try and cheer up the people that had suffered through the earthquakes and the many aftershocks.