About Seismo-Watch

Seismo-Watch is a leading source of earthquake news and information for people worldwide. It blends real-time news with historical data to provide a high quality information stream on earthquake activity. 

Seismo-Watch information service began in 1992 and has a proven track record for professional service that has stood the test of time. We do not predict earthquakes but provide the tools for people to make their own assessment of the potential for local, regional and global earthquake activity.

Our primary mission is to decrease the risks associated with earthquake hazards. We facilitate this through two key elements: earthquake awareness and earthquake preparedness. Therefore, our commitment is to a greater public understanding and awareness about earthquakes and earth science-related subjects, while promoting the concepts on how to safely live in earthquake prone areas. Central to its core mission.

Seismo-Watch.com is offers the latest in internet functionality and features. While our products and services span muiltimedia platforms, our internet business model is predominently advertising-supported with ancillary e-commerce initiatives. Seismo-Watch.com maintains high standards of security and privacy for its users.

We hope you will agree, there is no better source for earthquake news and information than Seismo-Watch.