How to prepare emergency survival kits

Being able to survive when an emergency arises becomes the primary quest for everybody. Emergencies created by natural disaster are so severe in nature that it becomes very difficult to survive without some tools, equipment and supplies. This happens because of the destruction of the essential resources required for living. Getting an emergency kit ready in advance is a significant and instrumental step towards preparedness for various disasters and accidents.

Emergency survival kits are simply a collection of basic tools, equipment and supplies prepared in advance to counter an emergency. It is very important to know about the essential items which can support life in diverse situations. Knowing their advantages and uses are also a part of preparedness for emergencies. The events like earthquake not only destroys the life but also affect various basic structures needed by humans like water supplies, food storage etc. In these situation shelters of people also gets devastated and it becomes very difficult to counter the challenge put forward by nature. The worsened climatic conditioned like extreme heat or rain also affect the human life very adversely. Moreover being able to spend the night time poses another challenge as the need for shelter from weather, insects and animals is also felt.

Before preparing emergency survival kits there are various things which should be kept in mind. It is very necessary to prepare a kit according to the disaster most common to a particular area. This way we will have different kind of kits for different disasters. The very first thing to be included in an emergency kit should be water and food. We can have 1 gallon water per person per day and non-perishable, easy to prepare food items for at least 1 week. Self-powered Flash lights and self-powered radio should be the next priority. First aid kit with sufficient amount of Band-Aids and antiseptic cream should also be included in it. Medication for normal diseases like fever, cold cough can also be kept in the first aid box along with pain killer tablets and injections. In today’s date cell phones, maps, and extra batteries are also some important items to be carried with emergency survival kits.

Sanitation and personal hygiene item also play an important role in disease prevention in the situations of disaster or accidents. Moreover putting a warm and yet light blanket in your kit should also not be forgotten. If you have motor vehicles like bikes or cars then you must have at least two sets of keys so that if one set is lost in the mishap then the other set can be utilized. Sometimes toilet papers and other large rubbish bags also turn out to be useful and necessary. It should also be noted that having the necessary tools is not enough in situations of natural disaster, but we must also know how to use them efficiently. The skill set to use the resources available should also be learnt so as to survive longer with minimum needs and requirements. Lastly, you can use your practical intelligence to take the decision towards your survival even in the worst of condition.