Factors to Consider When Choosing an Earthquake Kit

An earthquake is one of the most dangerous disaster that can make the rest of your completely messed up. Commonly during this time, you are advised to evacuate your homes for a considerable amount of time until when the state of normalcy is restored. Therefore, there is the importance of having an earthquake kit readily available in your house. The best and ideal kit for this kind of disasters should have adequate supplies required to hold the whole family members at least for 72 hours of survival.

Apart from the most basic needs such as water and food supplies, there is a need for other crucial and necessary items like medications, first aid kits, flashlights, sanitary supplies, radios, toiletries just to name some. Ensure you keep these items in a place, which is more convenient to locate for every member of the family. In addition to this, it is also important to keep separate earthquake kits in your office, home and even in your car.

You can either decide to purchase a ready-made kit or just decide to collect your own earthquake kit. However, choosing a ready-made kit is better since they normally contain all the necessary items in it. Once you have it, you can decide to customize it the way you want and you can also add some items that you see are necessary and important to you in case of an earthquake. Below are some important tips to follow when buying an earthquake emergency kit:

1. Size

The size of the kit that you want to buy matters a lot and it’s therefore important to consider and determine the size of the kit you are buying. There are a variety of kits available for disasters like an earthquake. They also come in different sizes giving you a wide selection to choose from; for instance, there are single-serve and big family size types of earthquake emergency kits.

2. Durability

This also another vital factor that you should not forget when buying an ideal kit for earthquake disasters. Therefore, it is recommendable to check and determine the shelf life of the kit and only buy that with a considerable long self-life. It the price might be very expensive initially but it’s the best investment in the long run.

3. Cost/budget

The cost is also another crucial factor that counts a lot when it comes to choosing your preferred kit. When planning to buy earthquake emergency kit, consider to budget for three of them, that is, for your home, office, and car. Therefore, determine your own fixed budget for the three separate kits. The cost also determines the type of item to buy and it is important to know the type or size of the kits you want before going for them in order to plan well.

4. Functionality

It is also important to check the items to ensure that they are in good working conditions. Determine whether their functionality can adequately sustain the entire family members in case of any disaster. If you decide to shop online, read their product description carefully.

In conclusion, with the above-discussed factors to consider when buying earthquake kit properly followed, you are assured of getting an ideal product suitable for you and your family members during earthquake disasters.