Have an Earthquake Survival Kit Ready for Sudden Disasters

In today’s world, you can never be sure when will earthquakes strike. Whether you’re at home, in your workplace, or in a mall, you might encounter these earthquakes. It’s important to know what to do and what to have during these bad incidences. You should be able to look after yourself first, and then care for others when this kind of disaster comes. In many countries now, people are being warned to prepare an earthquake survival kit in which you can grab and have with you during certain calamities. Here are some tips on what this kit should include.

What Things are Included in Earthquake Survival Kits?

A flashlight, a wrench for gas pipes or valves, and extra batteries for your flashlight. In this way, even if you’re trapped by earthquakes, you will be able to find a way out. Water is one of the essential things to have inside your survival kit as well as canned foods that you can easily eat. Food and water are two of the vital must-haves, especially if you’ll be trapped in your home or a building for days. Extra clothing and blankets will keep you warm and comfortable. Some of these clothing are also good tourniquets for managing bleeding. You can also include money, preferably coins, inside the kit, just for emergency usage. You can call on a payphone when you’ve lost your phone or you can buy from a nearby vending machine. First Aid equipment must also be included in your earthquake survival kit. Alcohol, bandages, anti-septic solutions, pain medications, and more. Be sure that these are present in your survival kit to be able to keep yourself alive for days until rescue comes.

Place Earthquake Survival Kits on Easy to Reach Areas

Your earthquake survival kit should be on an easy to reach area, so you can easily grab the bag during an earthquake. Your house should have a ready kit as well as your office. Your family living with you should know as well where this survival kit can be found. In cases that you’re inside the car during earthquakes, you can take the kit with you, get out of the car, and seek for a stronger refuge nearby of run to an open field immediately. Be aware of what you have to do, or else you can get trapped. Disasters can strike anytime and no one can stop it. The best way to survive is by being prepared.

You can either prepare this kit or you can buy ready kits from certain stores. There are several shops that sell earthquake survival kit for the home, for the commercial buildings, and for cars or automobiles. These commercial kits are sealed in air-tight containers to allow longer storage. Some are guaranteed for five years of use and storage, so you can be sure that you have them ready for years in cases of sudden earthquakes. Some of these kits can support three of four people, especially for the food. There are also survival kits for the office that can support up to ten people. Prices depends on how many people a kit can support and how long it can be stored. It always pays to be ready and well-informed before disasters even strike in your location.