Earthquake Safety Kit – Must Have For Survival Of Your Family

Nature can act furious sometimes and therefore, it is important to keep us prepared to deal with all kinds of natural disasters. Irrespective of early warning and sign, preparing for unexpected disasters like earthquake is the first step towards you and your family’s survival.

No matter which geographical area you live in, there’s always a potential risk for natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. However, out of all the disasters, earthquake is the one which occurs suddenly without any prior warnings. So how should you deal with it? What measures should you adopt to be able to survive, during and after the occurrence?

The first step is to prepare an emergency earthquake safety kit. You can either choose to buy a readymade emergency kit from a reliable company or simply prepare your own customized kit. In the event of a sudden disaster, we cannot rely completely on emergency arrangements made in neighborhoods and societies. We need something more personal and handy, which can help us survive at least three days, until the life gets back to normal. Given the fact that in the event of a major disaster, utility stores and financial institutions will be completely shut and buildings may become too dangerous to use. Therefore, it is crucial to be self-sufficient by keeping full-fledged emergency survival kits in your home, car, office and school.

What Is Included In An Earthquake Emergency Safety Kit?

Ready-made earthquake safety kits are provided with set of essential supplies that have been organized with great consideration and experience by the experts. A typical earthquake kit contains:

1. Water container

2. Water purification tablets

3. Food bars

4. Artificial Lights with batteries

5. Radio

6. Portable toilet

7. Sanitary bags

8. Solar blankets

9. Universal mobile charger

10. First aid kit

It is important to consider the needs of each individual in the family and customize each kit according to their individual requirements. You may also buy separate customized emergency kits for each member of the family. There are different safety kits for pets that contain all the necessary food and essential sanitary items for pets.

Natural disasters cannot be escaped, no matter how hard a person tries. Earthquake is the most disastrous forms of this fury. People who live in earthquake-prone areas should always be prepared mentally and physically to deal with the after consequences of unwanted quakes. The occurrence of the event can even cut you off from the basic needs resources such as electricity, food supply, water, shelter and money.

Emergency earthquake safety kits are essential. These kits can help you cope with any kinds of calamities, whatsoever. After earthquakes of higher magnitude, it normally takes up to 3 days for any kind of rescue team or help to arrive and restore the life back to normal. Pulling off those 72 hours can be difficult in the absence of food, water, shelter and necessary medications. You can store your earthquake kit in an easily accessed area. Also, ensure all the members of the family are aware of the place and appropriate procedure to follow in the event of an earthquake.