Earthquake Disaster Kit

Be Prepared To Improve Your Chances Of Survival

In the recent times, there have been many unexpected series of natural disasters. Normally, most of the disasters are preceded by some of the warnings, but the scenario is completely opposite when it comes to an earthquake. Apparently, an earthquake can occur anywhere around the world, without giving off any early warning signs. It will do so with surprising suddenness, leading to profound damage to the life and property. In fact, it has been estimated that every year millions of earthquake take place at some or the other part of the world. Some of these can even be potential life-threatening. Thus, it is important to make sure that you make yourself and your family prepared to deal with such sudden disasters. Earthquake disaster kit should be the first step towards preparedness.
An earthquake emergency kit can improve your and your family’s chances of survival up to a great extent. With the help of these kits, you can survive for many days, even if you’re completely cut off from the world around you. Earthquake emergency kits are available for home, as well as cars so you can be sure of your well being during the time of the occurrence of the disastrous event. Also, it is a good idea to have separate kits for your home, office and car, so you can use them as per your disposal.

Earthquake Kits for Home Use

This type of kit should be prepared in such a way that it is able to support you and your family for several days during and after the earthquake. It should contain all the necessary supplies of food, water, medication, clothing and sanitation. Having the proper nutrition during such disasters is important for the survival. You can find a specific kind of emergency foods from any departmental stores and readymade kits. These kinds of food items are prepared keeping in mind the body requirements during such events. Also, they have better shelf life as compared to normal or daily use processed food.

A perfect earthquake disaster kit for home should also contain sanitation and first aid items. Injuries are common during disasters. Minor injuries can be treated with first aid box. Let’s take a look at the list of other things your kit for home use should contain:

· Artificial lighting

· Emergency shelter,

· Means of communicating like radio, transmitter

· Sleeping bag

· Personal hygiene items

· Tablets to preserve water

· Blankets

· Food bars


Earthquake Kits for Cars

It is important to keep another set of disaster kit in your car and office. The earthquake can take place suddenly without any prior warnings. You could be driving in your car during the event. Thus, it is advised to have one in your automobile. Besides putting in everything mentioned in the above list, it is also important to add other important equipments for those who get stuck in their automobiles. The list includes:

· Communication

· Emergency food

· Water

· Emergency shelter

· First aid supplies included

· Necessary medications

Although, the supplies depend upon the size of the kit and the family, it is advised to make sure that the quantity of supplies is able to confer the needs of your family members for at least 3 days. A well prepared earthquake disaster kit can make a great difference between life and death. Thus, make sure you take this responsibility very seriously.